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A non-confirmed spoiler of OTH for season 2. Click below if you dare.

In other news, it's hot as hell here. I wanna be in a cold cold place. Sigh. I have a midterm tomorrow, which should be okay since I get to use notes. Hurrah. Went to see "Laws of Attraction", which was okay too. I originally wanted to see something else, but the timing was just off. Van Helsing looks interesting...

"Did anyone else read about how on the season finale, haley comes to Nathan's door and says "im ready" and then the episode ends. Supposedly they have sex and during the summer a new girl named Kelsey moves to town and she gets a job where Nathan works. They hit it off and Nathan cheats on Haley with her. When Haley finds out (in the fall, we will see this) she runs to Lucas for support and they have comfort sex."

OMG. If that's true, then someone Up There loves me, because a Lucas/Haley pairing would make my day. What I don't particularly like is that Haley jumps into bed with Nathan as it just seems out of character of her. Nathan's a sleaze and will always be a sleaze. Die scumbag! Die!
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