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Okay. Well, I was rudely awakened in the morning by my damn alarm clock. Seriously, I did not want to wake up. At all. I mean, dude, I am perfectly fine sleeping two or three more hours because I could hardly function when I got out of bed to turn off the bloody machine off. I mean, I couldn't exactly ignore the horrendous beeping or whatever you call it. Anywho, I forced myself to get up because if I tried to go back to sleep for like ten minutes, I would probably sleep thirty minutes and be really really late for class. Oh and yes, class was the reason as always for me waking up so early in the morning. Earlier than usual, of course. My day went on as usual. I turned in my paper, two actually, and I have another four page paper due next Saturday. Oh joy. Heh, not. Professor let us out one hour early, which I was initially grateful for. Trust me, later on, I would have wished he hadn't.

I had to pick up a friend, so we could go out and stuff since I obviously needed to kick back just a little, and I had to drive to another part of Los Angeles. The kind, in which, I entirely despise and thankful that I don't live there. I used to live there when I was very young, but then we moved to a better community in which I had grown to love. Well anyway when I got off the freeway ramp, I totally did not see it coming that countless of streets were blocked off. I mean what the hell?! I had no idea what was going on, for the city to cause such a disturbance, because seriously they had. From a distance, it looked like some fucking parade. I was like. The hell? Anyway, because of the major traffic congestion on surface streets, I couldn't reach my friend's apartment since the roadblocks were in my way. I mean, I definitely wanted to ram through because that would honestly rock my world! For the next hour or less, I tried going around taking other streets that might lead me into the street in which I needed to go to reach my friend's apartment. Nothing worked. Literally, all streets were blocked off. How insane is that?! Okay, well twelve o'clock started to come around and I managed to get to my friend's apartment. It took me forever though. Hehe, I had my window rolled down and this old woman was walking on the street and I could tell she was pissed off about the "fucking parade" like I was. Granny, I shall call her, was cussing and all of that complaining that the whole thing was stupid or something. I don't remember, but it was still amusing to hear her bitch.

After I picked up my friend, I was clued in by the countless of cars who had orange, black, and blue flags/cloths on their cars that it was some Armenian celebration thingy. Armenian Genocide, which I assumed that was what they were celebrating. So many Armenians were walking on the streets of Hollywood. Damn my friend for having to live near "Little Armenia" and asking me to pick her up on this day of all days. I found it incredibly stupid for the city to allow this shit to happen and let these people go prancing around the streets of Los Angeles like crackheads. These streets were closed from 9AM in the morning to about 12 in the afternoon. What a nightmare. Couldn't they have done all of this in a park or something? I mean, come on! Haha. Anyways, aside from that, I went to Dairy Queen since it was so HOT! I mean I was so used to the cold weather in Los Angeles, but now it's like the complete opposite. I was melting... Damn pop-ups on this computer. Keeps popping up windows like crazy ever since I installed the DSL software. Ugh. Anywho, I shall go now and I'll probably do quizzes and stuff tomorrow. Speaking of which, Alias is tomorrow! Lauren's going down for sure! Wootness! :D

I could not resist...

ROFLMAO! This still of Lucas is funny as hell!

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